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2021 late round QBs

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben again is a late round QB target in redraft 2021!! 

Big Bens passing yards should see a bump back to more of the norm this season

With a much harder schedule for the Steelers in 2021 expect to see them in more negative game scripts having to force the ball down yield more , something we hardly saw at all 2020 .

The game against the Colts week 16 and the playoff game against the browns we seen the Steelers have to play catch up football

 in them games Big bens stats :

                                                                      Vs Colts 49 ATT for 31 CMP         341 yards 0 INT 3 TD 

                                                                  Vs Browns 68 ATT for 47 CMP     501 yards 4 INT 4 TD 


2021 id expect to see the Steelers forced into playing catch up like this far more often.

The oline still has been question marks over it for 2021 so we cant expect the run game to dramatically improve from last year .

With a new OC the main focus will be getting some type of run game established and being able to get the ball deep.

Give the WRs time to get down field and create separation will be key.


Big Bens 


Yards per att - 6.3

Air Yards per att - 6.6

Yards per completion - 9.5

All are outliers to the norm and we should see all 3 increase back to a more historical number level 2021

My 2021 prediction based on Bens career would be between 

Yards per att   7.5 - 8 

Air Yards per att 7.5 - 8

Yards per completion 11.3 - 12.3 

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